How to work Energy Meter

Induction type energy meter are Universally used for energy measurement in AC circuits.
Energy :- Energy is the total power consumed or delivered our time period

Mathematically,   Energy=Power×Time

Unit of energy = Joule or watt second

  • In the energy meter low frictional error due to high torque to weight ratio. It is of low cost of accurate our wide range of vibration in load and temperature.The construction of single phase energy meter below..


The main parts of operating mechanism in a single phase energy meter are following:-

  1. Driving mechanism
  2. Rotating mechanism
  3. Braking mechanism
  4. Registering mechanism

Driving mechanism:- 

  • it consists of two coil namely current coil and potential coil current coil carrying load current and potential coil carrying current proportional to the supply voltage. Therefore, the two electromagnets are called series and shunt magnet. These magnet provide driving torque In the meter.

Rotating mechanism:- 

  • It consists of an aluminium disc positioned India gap between series and shunt magnet when the aluminium disk revolves, it cut through the field of permanent magnet.

Braking mechanism:- 

  • a permanent magnet positioned near the edge of the aluminium disk from the Braking System which is adjusted. It provide breaking torque.

Registering mechanism:- 

  • The registering mechanism counts the number of revaluation made by the disc. It used train of reduction gears of this purpose.

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