Electric potential

Electric potential

  • If Just as a body raised above the ground has gravitational potential energy, similarly, a charged body has electric potential energy? When body is charged, work is done in charging the body. 
  • This work done is stored in the body is in the form of electric potential energy. Recharge body has a capacity to do work by moving other charges either by attraction or repulsion.
  • Quantitatively, electric potential is defined as under :


‌Electric potential, (V) = Electric potential energy /charge

The SI unit of energy or work is 1J and that of charge is 1C so that SI unit of electric potential is 1J/C which is also called 1 volt.

The electric potential at point is the electric potential energy per unit charge.
So  when we say that electric potential at a point is 10V, it means that if we place a charge of 1C at that point , the charge will have electric potential energy of 10J. 

Similarly,assume if we place a charge of 2C at that point, the charge will have electric potential energy of 20J. Note that potential energy per unit charge (i.e. electric potential) is 10V.

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