• A fuse is a small piece of metal wire, inserted in the circuit, which melts when excessive current flows through it and thus breaks the circuit.                                                          

Blade type Fuse

  • A fuse is generally made of materials having low melting point and high conductivity.It is inserted in series with the circuit to be protected and carries the total circuit current. Under the normal working conditions the fuse element is at a temperature below its melting point. Therefore it carries a normal current without heating. 

  • However when a short circuit or overload occurs, the current through the fuse increase beyond its beyond its increase beyond its beyond its normal value. This rise in temperature and fuse element melt (or blows out), disconnecting the circuit protected by it. In display fuse fuse protects the electrical appliances from damage due to excessive current.

  • Note: When a fuse blow it should be replaced by fuse wire of the same thickness.On no account should it be replaced by a fuse wire of Greater thickness.

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