What is Diode


Diode is an electronic component. The diode used in all the electronics circuits is used to carry out various types of functions in the circuit. There are several types of diodes.here I will try to give you complete information about the diode.

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 What is diode

1  what is diode
2 Semi conductor Diode Identification and symbol
3  Diode Working Concept
4  Diode Biasing
5 Types of Diode

Diode is a semiconductor component which is made by mixing P type and N type of substance.
There are holes in P type and additional electrons in the N type part. N type and P type are found where it is called the depletion region. In the diode, the N type is called cathode and P type is called anode.

Diode detection and symbol

Diodes are usually of black cylindrical. Diode has two ends, Diode is represented by the capital letter D in the circuit. The diodes are numbered according to the number such as → 1N4001, 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005, BY125, BY127 and so on.

How diodes work

  • First of all, it allows current to pass through
  • The second one prevents the current from going inwards

What is diode Biasing

Diode Biasing- When giving negative voltage to the anode of the diode, it prevents the voltage, so it is called reverse biasing, when the positive voltage is given to the Cathode, then in this situation also prevents the voltage, hence it is also reverse biasing. 

But when the anode gives positive voltage across the positive and the cathode, the voltage flows through one side and this action is called the forward binding of the diode.

In simple words, when the positive voltage on negative diode (cathode) and negative voltage on positive (anode), it does not pass the diode voltage. On the contrary, passes negative voltage to positive and negative only on positive.

Due to this quality, it is used to protect the circuit and to make DC current from AC current.


Types of Diode

Different types of diodes are manufactured for different type of tasks, their texture is also different.

All other diode name
  1. Signal Diode Signal Diode                                                                                                                  
  2. Vector Diode Verector Diodes                                                                                                                   
  3. Rectifier Diode Rectifier Diodes                                                                                                               
  4. Gene Diode Zener Diodes                                                                                                                  
  5. Hot Carrier Diodes Hot Carrier Diodes                                                                                            
  6. Light Emitting Diode Light Emitting Diode                                                                                       
  7. Tunnel Diode Tunnel Diode                                                                                                             
  8. Photo Sensitive Diode Photo Sensitive Diode

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