What is a resistor

What is Resistance

Resistors:- All the electric and electronic items from bulbs to computers are made up of small components. If any components fails or stops working, then the entire device either stops or does not work properly. The components used in these are called Basic Components. Such as: Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, IC (Integrated Circuit), Cell, LED etc.

In this post you are being told about the resistor. Like what the Resistor is. How it works, how its value is extracted and its multimeter testing.


What is a resistor? 

Resistors mean. Preventing any pressure or stoppage Resistors are used in the circuit to reduce the current. You must have seen the switch to speed up the fan speed. Who control  the speed of the fan ??  Regulator. In which the resistor is used. But now this work is done by Digital Regulator. In which the transistor is used. Resistant prevents the current stream according to its capacities. And the spirit that does not stop it passes through it. By which the current decreases some. Well the resistor is of many types. Which are made.

In every matter found in nature, there is the property of Resistor( i.e. resistance). In which one opposes current, there is no light and heat. Who opposes the current. Resistors are manufactured from those materials. Although the substances are of two types, the first conductor is the second conductor.

Conductor:- those who allow to pass through their current through the current.

Resistance: Which opposes current.

Types of resistor

Mixing substances in the conductive material together mix different types of resistor.
To make most resistor, carbon, magnesin, eureka, nicom, and tungsten are used.
The resistor formed by carbon is called carbon resistor.

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