How to install home lighting || Home light installation

How to install home lighting|| Home light installation

Installing house lights can be done alone or through the services of an electrician who can rent and if you do rent, of course you will have to pay a fee for the installation.

Now Electrical Classes tell you how to set up your own home lighting installation to save expenses that you can.

How to install home lighting || Home light installation
Most domestic establishments establish them selves in parallel. To install electrical installation of a house in parallel, please read this complete article to avoid any accident. 

Install a home electrical installation in parallel. To install home lights or other equipment must be installed in parallel. You need to know that electrical circuits have many types, including series electrical circuits, parallel and mixed.

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Electrical installation circuits at home must be installed in parallel because by arranging in parallel you can turn the device off or on individually.

For example You can turn on a lamp or fan without affecting other electrical appliances, different from series where if one appliance turns off then other appliances will turn off.

How to install home lighting || Home light installation

Each device installed in parallel will be individually connected to a switch.

Examples of such circuits are as following

You can arrange cables, switches and lights like the above scheme. In the above series we can turn the lights on or off without affecting other lights.

  • Each switch in the above circuit can be used to turn the lamp on or off.
  • Switch S1 can control L1, S2 can control L2, switch S3 control F1.

How to install home lighting || Home light installation

If you want to control more light with a switch you can add more lights in parallel.

Install household electrical installations in parallel.
A switch can be used to control multiple lights simultaneously, arranged like in the picture above.

The switch in the above circuit can control S, L1, L2 and L3 simultaneously. Lights can be switched on and off simultaneously.

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