How to make step up transformer from a step down transformer

Design a Simple Step up transformer from a Step down transformer

Firstly we have some steps to understand transformer.

What is step up transformer and step down transformer?

The function of step up transformer is to increase the AC mains voltage through induction process,  in the step up transformer the winding turns are more in secondary winding than primary winding.

The price of step up transformer in the market is much more expensive than the step down transformer.

Well now Electrical classes will explain you how to make a simple step up transformer from a step down transformer or an adapter transformer.


Materials needed?

  • 12v AC voltage source
  • A transformer
  • Fluorescent Lamp

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You can take a 12V AC power source from a dynamo or an AC voltage reducer transformer. You can also use DC to AC converter to take 12V AC supply.

Transformer 3A / 5A / 10A
Step Up Transformer

Transformer 5A is actually a transformer down transformer, but it will change so much that it will become a transformer. Secondary winding on transformer is done as primary winding, we make primary winding as secondary turn.

How to make a simple step up transformer from a step down transformer.

Make transformer a simple step
A transformer
Fluorescent Lamp

The fluorescent light acts as a signal that the voltage has been successfully raised

Here are the methods of making transformers in a phased manner.

  • Connect AC 12v power source to pin 0v and 12v to ct and 12v of transformer (if transformer is of ct type).

  • Connect the neon light to the primary part of transformer pins 0 and 220 and then turn on the power source.

  • If neon lights turn on, then congratulations, you have been able to make a simple step up transformer.

  • In the above experiment we have succeeded in turning on 220v neon lamp with voltage of 12V.

In the above experiment, changes in the travo voltage and transformer current. The transformer voltage increases from 12V AC to 220V AC, while the current will be small.

Larger size transformers are required to produce large currents, for example 10A or 20A and of course a larger input current is required.

Please note that the transformer can only increase and decrease the AC Voltage, if we used a DC voltage then we need a converter  (inverter) to convert it to AC voltage.

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