How to make Simple battery charger circuit

How to make Simple battery charger circuit

Make Simple Battery Charger Circuit. A battery or accumulator is a rechargeable battery where if the battery is starting to run low or weak it needs to be recharged so that electricity can be charged. but we need to convert AC supply into DC supply to Charge the battery. So In this article We will Discussed how to make a simple battery charger.

Specifically for motorcycle batteries, the battery will automatically fill up when the engine starts.

Now if you have a battery that you need for lighting or other emergency needs, you can make the simple battery charger.

By using simple following steps you can make a simple battery charger circuit. you can build with components that are readily available at electronics stores.

Both dry and wet batteries are store electrical energy that can be used if used continuously.

The simple battery charger circuit you can use to charge 5A and 10A batteries.

Here we are use 5A transformer to make the simple battery charger circuit which is used as AC voltage reducer and diode convert AC supply into DC supply.

Understanding and functioning of transformers

  • The 220 V AC voltage is lowered by the transformer through a magnetic induction process and the result is a low AC voltage.

  • 4 diodes are used to emit AC current so it convert into DC.

  • Now this DC voltage is used to charge the battery

  • If you use CAT type transformers, you only need 2 diodes.

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  • The DC voltage is actually still a pulse voltage but it is not a problem because it is only used to charge the battery.

  • But if We use electronic circuits such as amplifiers, tone controls and so on as a power supply, then Weneed to connect the filter circuit.

How to make Simple battery charger circuit

The following battery charger circuit will produce 15 V and this is sufficient when used to charge a 12V battery of type 5A or 10A.

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