How to Make a simple DC Adapter

How to make a simple DC adapter ? 

An adapter is an electrical device that is used to reduce the AC mains voltage to a lower DC voltage so that it can be used as an electronic equipment power supply. A simple adapter circuit can be built with only a few simple components.

You can make a simple adapter with only a few components that are readily available in the market. Using a 1A transformer, you can create a simple adapter circuit that will produce a 12 V voltage with a current of 1 A that you can use as an electronic equipment power supply.

DC Adapter

The components required to make a simple adapter are as follows

  • A transformer 1A
  • 4 diodes
  • An filter
  • A resistor
  • Led one

Simple DC adapter circuit scheme. Create a simple DC adapter at home.
The way the adapter works is that the current (AC) enters the transformer primary winding with a voltage of 220V. Inside the transformer is a process of transferring power through a magnetic induction process. Induction will also cause alternating voltage to transformer again in secondary winding but with less power because the type of transformer used has stopped.

The current that exits the transformer (still in the form of AC current) enters the bridge diode circuit. Bridge diode circuit will rectify current so that it becomes current or DC current.

DC voltage cannot be used at this point because the voltage still contains electrical pulses.

To get rid of electric pulses, you can use filter.

DC Adapter Working

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The function of  Filter is to flatten the electric current so that it is free of pulse voltage.

The LED lights and resistors act as a circuit indicator indicating that the adapter circuit is working.

DC Adapter circuit function

The main function of the adapter is as a power supply for devices that require DC voltage such as radios, tone controls and so on. It can also be used as a battery or battery charger, but if you use it as a battery or battery charger, you do not need to install an filter on the adapter circuit.

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