series and parallel batteries circuit

Series and parallel batteries circuit

Series and parallel batteries circuit. In electrical circuits we use series and parallel circuits. if we need the same voltage but additional current we use parallel combination. if we need the same current but additional voltage we use series combination.

both series and parallel series both have advantages and disadvantages of each one

Here we will focus on serial and parallel series of batteries where the circuit can be applied in our daily life.

Series and parallel batteries circuit

If we want a certain power from a current source then you can install the current source in series or parallel

Example :- if we requires a voltage of 24 V while we have a  battery's with a voltage of each 12V then we can install the battery in series. because when we add battery's in series the voltage will be add up but current will be same.

If 2 pieces of battery are connecting in series then the final voltage will be 2 times as large as the current is fixed.

Examples of battery sets are arranged in series and parallel are following

Series and parallel batteries circuit

In other cases you have 2 batteries with each voltage is 12V and 5A current

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In the 2nd case of parallel combination We assemble the battery in parallel so that will get the current is added while the voltage is fixed.

In the above example i already show you how series and parallel battery are connected.

Series and parallel batteries circuit

Conclusion of serial and parallel combination of battery 

The point is that in the series of large series batteries the current is fixed in the entire combination while in large parallel circuits with the sum of the voltage of each battery is fixed in the entire combination.

Whereas in series batteries the current is fixed but the voltage will the added. while in parallel batteries the voltage is fixed but the current is added.

Please note that the current and voltage of the battery should be the same because if not for example parallel companion between 12V battery with 12V battery then it is not the sum of the current but is the process of charging the battery.

But if we use batteries of different sizes to avoid the above then you required to install a diode on the battery pole

series and parallel batteries circuit 
By using this technique we can change the current or battery voltage by arranging it in series or parallel order.

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