What is diode how its work

What is diodes and how diode work

Firstly Understanding of diode. what is a diode? What is the definition of a diode and how does it work?
We need to know that a diode is an active electronic component made of a semiconductor material that acts as a rectifier. The diode can be found on mobile chargers, laptops, PC power supplies and others, especially in power supplies. Diode is able to convert AC supply into DC Supply. So we can store DC supply into the battery.

How Diode works ?

The diode can flow power only in one direction. If an electric current comes from the opposite direction, the diode will resist. The diode is characterized by having only 2 legs, namely the anode and cathode legs. Due to its function as a rectifier, the current in the diode can only flow in one direction. So we can say that diode is unidirectional Device.


In other words, the diode can only conduct current from the anode to the cathode and if the diode is reversed, the diode can act as an insulator. It means Diode property is in between the Conductor And Insulators. Diode is made up from semi-conductor material.

What are the types of diode ?

There are several types of diodes and each type of diode has its respective functions.

  • Rectifier diode or rectifier diode is a type of diode that acts as a rectifier for AC to DC current.
  • Zener diode acts as a voltage stabilizer.
  • Schottky diodes act as controllers.
  • A photo diode is a type of diode that performs the function of converting light intensity into electrical signals and is used as a sensor.
  • The LED diode is a type of diode that acts as an indicator. LEDs are often used because they consume very little current. Read how LED lights work

  • Rectifier Circuit

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Potential Difference
Electrical Energy

How does a diode work ?

As in the explanation above, the current on the diode can only flow from the anode to the cathode in one direction only.

Understanding the diode and how it works
Anode (+), cathode (-)
If the AC voltage is passed on the diode, the diode will only pass half a wave current (+) the other half wave will be blocked. This principle is used in adapters or power supply circuits
In addition, the diode can also be used as reverse voltage protection, for example a diode can be installed in a sensitive device and then 2 pieces of cable are connected to the power sources (+, -). .

Now if you makes a mistake in installing the power source, the device will not be damaged because the diode only turns on one way. This is very necessary if we have an electronic circuit that is sensitive to polarity.

Diode symbol

Diode Symbol
In a series of electronic diodes symbolized by anode and cathode

.How the diode works

Benefits of diode

Due to its nature, as stated above, the diode can be used as a reverse voltage protection circuit.
Diodes we often encounter in search of AC power in cell phone chargers, power supply amplifiers, and others

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