What is electromagnet || How to make electromagnet

Here we are discussed about the electromagnet. So firstly you know about the magnet we have mainly two types of magnets.

  1.  Permanent Magnet
  2.  Electromagnet (temporary magnet)

Permanent Magnet:- 

Permanent magnet are found in nature. basically permanent magnet are made up of ALNICO (aluminum, Nikhil, cobalt).permanent magnet can loss magnetism if they heated. once they demagnetized permanently loss magnetism.

Electromagnet (temporary magnet):- 

   Incase of Electromagnet we are use a soft iron piece and a conductive wire wound on it. when current is passing through the wire the piece iron is magnetized and its start behive like a magnet this is know as Electromagnet. Electromagnet can occur by flowing the both DC and AC current flow into the coil.

For understanding in simple language Electromagnets are the process of changing piece of iron into a magnet through the flow of electricity. we can simply demagnetized the electromagnet by disconnecting the electric supply. Mainly Electromagnets can be used in loudspeakers, electric bell, Crain and so on. 

how electromagnet works?

How electromagnet works?

We know that Electromagnet occurs then the electric current flowing through the wire so the wire will appear Magnetic field because flow of current 

If large amount electric current that flows the resulting magnetic field will be stronger. The magnetic field can also be increased by wire wound to form a coil.

When an electric current flows through the coil (wire wound on the piece of iron) than on the coil will form a magnetic field, the greater the electric current result stronger the magnetic field generated.

how electromagnet works?

When the magnet appears and the coil is held close to a piece of iron the pieces of iron will be attracted by magnetic field. This is called electromagnet.

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magnetism of iron piece can also be strengthened by inserting into the magnetized coil. Electromagnet is a temporary magnet because if we electric current is disconnected from the source then the magnetic field will be lost.

Things that affect electromagnet

Magnetic field is influenced by many things

  • Electric current
When large amount of electric current flowing into the coil the stronger the magnetic field is generated and vice versa. if we flow the small amount of  electric current then the resulting magnetic field will be weak

  • Turn of coil
The more the number of turns result stronger the magnetic field is generated and the vice versa. if the turn of coil is small then the resulting magnetic field will become weak.

  • Resistance of wire
The small amount of resistance of the wire used to make the coil The magnetic field will be stronger, the large resistant the wire appose the flow of current resultant the magnetic field will weaken.

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